Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Page is Still Under Construction

Hi, this is where you can purchase poles and pole stages from us. We chose the two top brands, X-Pole and Platinum Stages.

First, The X-Pole:

X-Pole consists of 2 main poles to which extensions are added t increase the overall height. The X-Pole is designed to be used from 2235mm (7' 4"" / 88"") to 2745mm (9' / 108"")

The X-Pole set contains the following items:
  • Main Poles x 2 (A & B)
  • Height adjuster and cover
  • Upper support dome
  • Base with spinning insert
  • Tool Kit
  • Photo Instruction Manual
  • 1 hr assembly and instructional DVD
  • 2 Nylon carry Cases
X-Pole does not need to be cut to height so it can be moved to different height venues. The box will allow you to construct a pole from 2235mm (7' 4" 0r 88") to 2745mm (9' or 108"). To go higher extensions are added. Extensions are available in 100, 125, 250, 500 and 1000mm sizes. X-pole can be used up to 3650mm (12' / 144") in standard format above that it is advised to use additional support. X-Pole has been used at 4250mm (14' / 168") with no problems but safety must always be a priority. X-Pole technical support can help with poles above 3650mm (12' / 144"). Call or Email us if your ceiling is over 9 feet and we will get you a price for the extension you will need.

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